We focus on selected high potential investment themes.

Our Strategies

Value Add

Investments in properties which have been under-managed and under-invested, with the aim of repositioning them to maximise income and value and to sell them as prime assets to institutional players, thereby generating attractive risk-adjusted returns.

We operate in the office, high street retail, residential and hospitality sectors, investing in properties located in the major Italian cities, focusing on Milan and the north of Italy.

We create value through active, hands on management, by restructuring and reconfiguring space, optimising use allocation, negotiating lease agreements and implementing maintenance and refurbishment programs.

Distress & Special Situations


Investment in real estate funds and portfolios characterized by significant financial and operating distress, with the objective to manage and reduce risk, preserving capital and liquidity, as well as to maximize value, by restructuring indebtedness, reorganizing operations and repositioning assets.

We operate in partnership with leading international investors, often in highly complex transactions, in all real estate asset classes.

We leverage the resources, processes and knowledge built and honed over the years to identify the best turnaround opportunities for each asset and to implement them efficiently and effectively.

Social Infrastructure


Long term investments in properties which house and facilitate social activities serving local communities, particularly in the healthcare, education, student housing, senior housing and civic services sectors.

Our objective is to be a trustworthy owner, collaborating with our tenants and supporting their activities in the long term.

We adopt a partnership approach with all stakeholders involved in each investment, with the aim to increase the accessibility and the scope of social services hosted in our properties, while decreasing their environmental impact.

The aim of this investment program is to combine a positive social impact, measured on the basis of the United Nations sustainable development objectives, with a stable, uncorrelated return profile.


Long term investment in high quality real estate properties situated in prime locations, with the aim to generate a reliable income stream, benefiting from market growth and robustly limiting downside risk.

We operate selectively in the office and high street retail sectors of the main Italian cities – particularly Milan and Rome, and in the main hospitality markets of the country.

We select properties whose value and income can be grown over the time, through careful management maximising each asset potential over the long term.

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